American Survivalist & ReadyWise Partner for Unmatched Survival Prep. Explore top-tier gear & emergency food, empowering for any scenario.

Our collaboration with ReadyWise goes beyond partnership; it’s a commitment to providing our community with the best survival tools. Together, we are stronger, and our offerings reflect that strength”

— Scott Founder of American Survivalist

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2023 / — — American Survivalist, a leading provider of survival gear, has officially entered into a strategic partnership with ReadyWise, a renowned expert in emergency food solutions. This collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of survival preparedness by seamlessly integrating a comprehensive range of ReadyWise products into the American Survivalist lineup.

Expanding Survival Options

The partnership introduces an extensive array of emergency food solutions from ReadyWise, meticulously selected to complement and enhance the diverse lineup of survival gear offered by American Survivalist.

Holistic Expertise Integration

By combining the expertise of American Survivalist in survival gear and ReadyWise’s leadership in emergency food solutions, this collaboration presents a holistic approach to survival preparedness.

Empowering Choices for Every Scenario

Individuals and families can now access an expanded selection of top-tier survival food options, covering everything from long-lasting food supplies to convenient pouches.

The ReadyWise Advantage

ReadyWise, recognized for its commitment to quality and nutritional excellence, brings a new dimension to the partnership. This collaboration reflects a shared dedication to empowering communities through accessible, high-quality survival solutions.

Discover the New Era

To experience the enhanced product line featuring ReadyWise products, visit the dedicated partnership page on the American Survivalist website.

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