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The Alternative Career in Sports Academy pioneers a million-dollar deferred compensation NIL deal, setting a new standard for athlete financial security.

ACSA’s mission has always been to provide athletes with financial strategies that ensure long-term success and stability”

— Roderick Liptrot

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, USA, February 1, 2024 / — The Alternative Career in Sports Academy (ACSA) is proud to announce the issuance of a pioneering Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal to Michael “Mikey” Matthews, the talented four-star transfer receiver who recently committed to Cal. This innovative NIL agreement, crafted by ACSA founder Roderick Liptrot, is the first of its kind, utilizing a deferred compensation plan based around cash value life insurance, with the potential to yield over $1 million to provide potential long-term and lifetime income for the athlete.

Mikey Matthews, known for his impressive performance both on and off the field, has distinguished himself not just through his athletic prowess but also through his strong character and dedication to understanding his and his family’s finances now and in the future. His commitment to personal and professional growth, coupled with the unwavering support of his family and advisors, made him an ideal candidate for this revolutionary NIL structure.

The comprehensive NIL deal has been designed to provide Mikey with significant long-term benefits. It offers an accessible cash value component, which Mikey can utilize for various needs throughout his lifetime, further enhancing the value of the agreement beyond limited tax heavy traditional one-time sponsorship deals. Additionally, the plan includes critical living benefits, providing Mikey with financial security in the event of a severe medical condition or long impact of injuries from his sports career.

“ACSA’s mission has always been to provide athletes with financial strategies that ensure long-term success and stability,” said Roderick Liptrot, founder of ACSA. “This deal with Mikey Matthews exemplifies our commitment to innovation in the NIL space, and we believe it sets a new precedent for how athletes can secure their financial futures.”

The deal also sets a foundation for generational wealth, a cornerstone of ACSA’s philosophy. By integrating such long-term sustaining financial elements into the NIL agreement. With this deal Mikey’s family can rest assured that their financial legacy will continue to grow and benefit future generations.

Mikey’s interest in expanding his financial knowledge played a pivotal role in shaping the details of the deal. “It’s important for athletes to recognize the power of informed financial decisions,” said Mikey Matthews. “This NIL deal with ACSA is not just about the immediate financial gains but about building a secure future for myself and my loved ones.”

The ACSA team is excited to pioneer such a comprehensive and athlete-focused NIL deal. By offering these types of arrangements, ACSA continues to lead the way in providing athletes with strategic financial solutions that reflect their unique needs and aspirations.

For more information about the NIL deal with Mikey Matthews or to learn more about ACSA’s innovative financial strategies for athletes, please contact Phillip Thompson at 703-835-1666 or Demetrius Liptrot at 205-201-4088 .

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The Alternative Career in Sports Academy is dedicated to assisting athletes in navigating the complex world of finances, providing education, resources, and strategic planning to foster long-term wealth and financial literacy. Founded by Roderick Liptrot, ACSA is at the forefront of innovative financial solutions in the sports industry.

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