CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2023 / — In a world of temporary fixes for chronic pain, Nicole Arbour offers a breath of fresh air with her comprehensive online program: “The Pain-Relief Breakthrough.”

Nicole Arbour, an award-winning comedian, recording artist, and entrepreneur with over 1.7 billion video views wasn’t always in the business of healing but her life took a drastic turn in 2008.

A car accident left her disabled with debilitating pain, altering her flourishing career and life forever. From touring North America doing stand-up and starring on top-rated TV shows in Canada, to living in agony, Arbour’s world changed overnight.

Nicole refused to settle for the diagnosis of pain, lifelong disability checks, and highly addictive medications she was given. Instead, she embarked on a quest to find a lasting solution. Through a decade of rigorous research, consultations with world-class experts, and her personal experience, Nicole eventually discovered a non-traditional 360-degree approach to address chronic pain for good. And thus, the “Pain-Relief Breakthrough” was born.

This program is unique, diving deep into the intricacies of chronic pain. It doesn’t just look at the physical manifestations but delves into the mental, emotional, and lifestyle aspects that exacerbate or alleviate every single type of pain.

Nicole’s “7 Pillars of Change” are the guiding force in this transformative interactive program, empowering participants to regain control over their lives and health step by step.

What makes the 49-day “The Pain-Relief Breakthrough” program revolutionary is its emphasis on a tailor-made, individualistic approach vs the one-size-fits-all treatment regimen given to the over 50 million adults in America who suffer chronic pain today. Recognizing that each person’s pain journey is unique, the program offers a comprehensive yet customizable roadmap, leading to long-lasting relief vs masking symptoms.

From harnessing the power of nutrition to understanding the profound effects of building the right wellness team and lifestyle, this program covers a broad spectrum of effective yet non-addictive pain management and healing techniques.

The success of any program is best reflected in its testimonials. Hundreds of clients have found relief through Arbour’s methodology, further cementing its reputation as an affordable game changer in pain management. The program is also backed by endorsements from medical experts who treat athletes in the UFC, NHL, and NFL with Nicole Arbour having received awards from The International Pain Foundation and the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America.

Nicole Arbour’s “Pain-Relief Breakthrough” is a real-life lemons to lemonade story. Through her journey from pain to healing, she paved the way for countless others offering not only hope, but a tangible solution. In the words of Nicole, “Go Team!”

To take the first step towards a better future by enrolling in the Pain-Relief Breakthrough program, visit:

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