Pompano Beach, FL, Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. (OTCQB: BWMG), a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of tankless dive equipment, redundant high pressure air rescue tanks and high-pressure air and industrial compressors in the marine industry, announced that one of its subsidiaries, BLU3, is now the exclusive distributor of SeaNXT Elite, an underwater scooter made in France, for North & South America and non-French territories in the Caribbean.

BLU3 continues to make waves above and below the surface with the addition of SeaNXT Elite, the first-ever all-carbon underwater scooter that pushes the boundaries of watersports innovation and technology. SeaNXT Elite will be marketed under the brand SeaNXT Americas on the frontend, while the backend resources of the company will be shared with BLU3.

From its factory based in Pompano Beach, Florida, BLU3 will be an authorized service center for SeaNXT Elite in its territories with skilled technicians of BLU3 products now adopting the skills to assemble and service SeaNXT products. And another subsidiary of Brownie’s Marine Group, Live Blue, will include SeaNXT Elite tours/rentals in its offerings as Live Blue expands to become a brand that stands for exclusive, high-end watersports experiences complete with top-notch products, service, and education. This fits into the goal of Brownie’s Marine Group as a whole, to vertically integrate its offerings and ultimately make a positive impact in the watersports and diving industries.

The trailblazing SeaNXT Elite gives underwater exploration a whole new perspective with proprietary features like live GPS navigation, dual motor propulsion for optimum hydrodynamics and four speed modes to choose from based on your preference.

BLU3 CEO, Blake Carmichael, believes the addition of SeaNXT Elite to the portfolio will efficiently utilize the existing resources of BLU3 and will further spread the watersports realm by offering an exciting and fun introduction to the water.

“Synthesizing our resources at BLU3 with similarly revolutionary technology will help us reach our highest potential across the board. Providing current and new customers with the thrill SeaNXT provides will unlock even more possibilities to enjoy a deeper love for the underwater world. That’s what we are all about here at BMG and it’s inspiring to see this vision come to fruition as we continue to grow our bandwidth at BLU3.”

SeaNXT Elite was initially launched to the public at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September, 2023. Since then, there have been hundreds of units sold for pre-order. SeaNXT Elite appeals to all boat owners, as well as resort locations with water sports experiences, and anyone looking for a new way to enjoy the water.

BLU3 will be attending the upcoming Stuart Boat Show on January 12-14 and the St. Pete Boat Show January 18-21, where SeaNXT Elite will be on display alongside BLU3 products. BLU3 intends to exhibit at a total of 12 shows between January and March of 2024. You can find an upcoming list of events on the BLU3 website, here.

SeaNXT Elite is available for pre-order through SeaNXT Americas, both to end users and interested resellers, with delivery dates of the first orders slated for February, 2024. Consumers can also pre-order SeaNXT Elite on the SeaNXT Americas website for those who are within North America, South America, and non-French territories in the Caribbean.

The SeaNXT Elite retail price point is set at $13,499 (USD), which includes a two-year limited warranty for end customers and a 1-year limited warranty for business consumers (like resort operations.) As of January 2024, SeaNXT Americas is offering a discount on a limited quantity of pre-orders.

While SeaNXT Elite is not the first underwater scooter on the market, the unique elements of this carbon fiber scooter make for an elevated aquatic experience. With 33% less weight than comparable products on the market, storage and set-up are that much simpler.

SeaNXT Elite comes equipped with the following features:

  • Top speed of 13 MPH (21 KMH).
  • Maximum depth of 40 meters (adjustable in meter increments to make sure correct depth is reached).
  • 4 speed modes to choose from with different run times: Eco (120 minutes), Cruise (90 minutes), Sport (49 minutes) & Shark Attack (30 minutes).
  • Maximum thrust: 670 N.
  • Dual motors, each with a power of 2.2 KW for a total of 4.4 KW.
  • 6.6 pounds (3 KG) of positive buoyancy.
  • Lightweight carbon fiber design yields a total weight of 50 lb, which is 33% lighter than comparable models on the market.
  • Live GPS navigation.
  • Integrated handles for one-handed carry.
  • LED running lights.
  • Impact reinforcement.
  • Adjustable charger (slow, standard or quick charger mode).
  • Available in red, green, black or blue coats over the authentic 3K twill carbon structure.
  • Customizable 5.5 inch LCD HD display.
  • Guide LED light for constant visibility in the water.

BLU3 is now accepting dealer/distributor and affiliate applications for those interested in carrying or promoting the SeaNXT Elite product in North America, South America, or non-French territories in the Caribbean. Please complete the form and a member of the team will reach out shortly.

For additional information on SeaNXT, please click here or dial (954) 884-5343 to speak to a SeaNXT Americas associate.

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BLU3, is now the exclusive distributor of SeaNXT Elite, an underwater scooter made in France, for North & South America and non-French territories in the Caribbean

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