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Belgian-Moroccan Entrepreneur Yassine Ohid launches Innovative Sports Nutrition Services

CASABLANCA, MOROCCO, December 27, 2022 / — “As a Moroccan champion table tennis player, I understand the importance of setting and achieving goals. That’s why I’m excited to offer customised nutritional and training programs to help others reach their full potential, both physically and mentally,” said Yassine Ohid, Founder of Aesthetic Managery.

Aesthetic Managery is pleased to announce the launch of its new sports nutrition services, focused on offering customised nutritional and training programs to help individuals reach their fitness goals. Founded by Belgian-Moroccan entrepreneur Yassine Ohid, Aesthetic Managery is poised to make a big impact in the growing nutraceutical market with its innovative approach.

As a Moroccan champion table tennis player, Ohid knows firsthand the dedication and discipline required to excel in sports. He is excited to bring his expertise and passion for wellness to Aesthetic Managery, offering personalized nutrition and training plans based on each client’s specific needs and goals.

“I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams, whether it’s in sports or in life,” Ohid said. “That’s why we’ve designed our programs to be tailored to each individual, helping them reach their full potential in the most effective and efficient way possible.”

In addition to its customised programs, Aesthetic Managery would also offer a range of high-quality supplements and nutrition products. From protein powders and bars to vitamins and minerals, Aesthetic Managery’s offerings are designed to support optimal performance and recovery.

“We are committed to providing our clients with the best products and services to help them achieve their goals,” Ohid said. “We believe that with the right combination of nutrition and training, anyone can reach their full potential and live a healthy, active lifestyle.”

For more information about Aesthetic Managery and its customised nutritional and training programs, follow them on Instagram at @kingyass99. Managery and business inquiries can be directed to [email protected]

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