UNITED STATES, October 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — International Metabolic Health Day, a global awareness day set for Oct. 10, 2023, and spearheaded by the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health and Dr. Nasha Winters, is excited to announce HBOT USA, a renowned leader specializing in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), is joining as a Platinum Sponsor.

Co-founded by Dr. Jason Sonners and his wife Dr. Melissa Sonners, HBOT USA brings forth extensive knowledge, experience, and passion in leveraging the power of oxygen to aid healing in numerous health conditions, playing a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of metabolic health research and awareness.

Dr. Melissa Sonners, DC, DACCP, CACCP, who is deeply passionate about the potentials of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), sees this sponsorship as a significant step in highlighting the crucial role of HBOT in managing various health conditions. Dr. Sonners experienced firsthand the healing power of HBOT as it was paramount in her battle against neurological Lyme disease while she balanced her roles as a mother and a practitioner.

“HBOT has been a cornerstone in my journey towards healing and resilience,” Dr. Melissa Sonners said. “It has empowered me to maintain my vibrant life, despite the challenges thrown my way. This therapy is a beacon of hope for countless individuals struggling with diverse health issues, and I am excited about the limitless possibilities our partnership with International Metabolic Health Day will unfold.”

Dr. Nasha Winters, co-author of the “Metabolic Approach to Cancer,” and Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health, shares her enthusiasm for this partnership with HBOT USA, recognizing the intersection of metabolic health and the innovative solutions that HBOT USA brings.

“The incorporation of advanced therapies like those provided by HBOT USA is vital in our quest for metabolic excellence,” Dr. Nasha said. “Their revolutionary approach to healing aligns perfectly with our mission to pioneer a metabolic health transformation. They stand at the forefront of metabolic health innovation, offering hope and groundbreaking solutions that are essential to realizing the goals of International Metabolic Health Day.”

For more information on the upcoming International Metabolic Health Day and to explore sponsorship and collaboration opportunities, please visit metabolichealthday.life.


HBOT USA, specializes in research, education, training, and therapy implementation through the latest research-based protocols. Whether you are wanting to learn more about HBOT for personal or clinical use, we are your go to authority in the field. We serve as a beacon of knowledge and expertise, guiding practitioners, and enthusiasts to the highest standards of practice. Our vision is to transform lives through the power of oxygen. For more information, check out www.hbotusa.com and also @HBOTUSA on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.

About the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health

The mission of the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health (MTIH) is to restore health for people with cancer through Research, Education, Advocacy, Community, and Healing (REACH). Our mantra of “Test, Assess, Address™ – Never Guess” is the motivation for our drive to discover novel biomarkers to assess the success or failure of any medical treatment. We are committed to establishing an ecosystem that fosters translational scientific and clinical collaboration, drives cutting-edge metabolic research, leverages advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, prioritizes education, and creates a supportive network of clinicians, diagnostic centers, treatment facilities, prevention programs, and wellness clinics. Together, we will shape a future where innovation, collaboration, and patient empowerment intersect to unlock unprecedented possibilities in healthcare. For more information, visit mtih.org.


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HBOT USA: Christina D’Agosto and Katty Avila, [email protected]

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