Illinois Flames Track Club Sparks Hope and Glory at the Junior Olympics 2023

Illinois Flames Track Club: Nurturing Champions and Igniting Dreams Since 1996

CRETE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2023/ — In the heart of Crete, an extraordinary journey has been unfolding since 1996, led by the trailblazers of the Illinois Flames Track Club. As we approach the first week of August, we stand in awe and pride as 70 exceptional athletes from our team have earned the honor to compete at the illustrious Junior Olympics.

From humble beginnings to the present day, the Illinois Flames Track Club has been a guiding light for aspiring athletes between the ages of 5 and 19. As a non-profit organization with a vision for fostering excellence, the Illinois Flames is not just a fundamental track club but a family that embraces, uplifts, and empowers young athletes to surpass their potential on and off the track.

What sets the Illinois Flames apart is their unwavering dedication to teaching the fundamentals of track and field while nurturing individual growth. Our esteemed coaching staff, composed of passionate alumni who once graced the high school and collegiate fields, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, creating an environment that breeds champions in all aspects of life.

“Our athletes are not just numbers on a roster; they are dreams, aspirations, and a reflection of our unwavering commitment to their success,” said Wanikka Vance-Clark. “We believe in the power of mentorship and strive to not only develop their athletic skills but also shape their character and instill invaluable life lessons. The Illinois Flames are more than a track team; we are a beacon of inspiration, guiding our athletes throughout their life’s journey.”

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we proudly recognize two exceptional athletes whose remarkable accomplishments have genuinely shined throughout this summer track season. Edward Clark III and Enjoli Clark have demonstrated unparalleled dedication and skill, allowing for multiple events and symbolizing the spirit of the Illinois Flames Track Club.

Edward’s prowess spans the 100m, 200m, 400m, and 4×100 relay, showcasing his versatility and tenacity in every stride. Enjoli, a rising star, has mesmerized us with her mastery in the triathlon, high jump, 400m, and 4×100 relay, an embodiment of grace and determination.

Joining Edward and Enjoli, we also congratulate the following individuals who have qualified for multiple events at the Junior Olympics:

Za’Maria Clayton, Za’Niyah Clayton, Jai’Quan Lloyd, Rashid Clarke, Bennie McClain, Charles Harris, Jhamarea Jones, Joshua Hill, Jeremiah Hill, Crystal Kennedy Perkins, Jayden Franklin, Adrianna Wright, Janissa Williams, Aaliyah Eubanks, Gelena Holder Brown, Marylyn Coleman, Rayiah Hatten, Jasmine Franklin, Jada Franklin, Jada Fryer, Caleb Lemon, Kaleb Larry, Sean Jones, Rosalio Walker, Collin Chalupa, Bryant Backstrom, Briana Pettis, Alina Dixon, Kayla Dixon, Jordan Dorsey, Derrin Couch, Kiersten Thomas, De’Marquis Woody, Jayla Hope, Lily Desantis, Cole Martin, Madison Parlor, Alaura King, Lauren Glover, Kaylynn Mccloskey, Aubrey Palm, Benjamin Gresham, Bria Alexander, Nazheer Moore, Monroe Thompson Jr, Kalay’a Holliman, Markeyla Mccant, Savoy Howard, Taija Scott, Jeremiah Sykes, John Carson, Janae Davis, Miyah Anderson, Mia Edwards, Alivia Brown, Brooklyn Davis, Raygan Jackson, Isaiah Jordan, Kevin Murphy, Marcus Kennedy, Antoine Morgan.

As the Junior Olympics beckon, we stand united in our quest to ensure that every deserving athlete can seize this golden opportunity. To achieve this, we appeal to the generosity of the community, businesses, and individuals, inviting them to join hands with the Illinois Flames Track Club by making donations. Your support will not only empower these young champions but also create a lasting impact on their lives.

“We, the Illinois Flames, firmly believe that financial barriers should never stand in the way of a dream,” said Wanikka Vance-Clark. Together, let us create a legacy of opportunity, inspiration, and resilience.”

To make a donation and play a part in shaping the future of our young athletes, you may send it to

About the Illinois Flames Track Club:

Since 1996, the Illinois Flames Track Club has been a non-profit organization dedicated to igniting the flame of greatness within young athletes aged 5–19. With a nurturing and passionate coaching staff comprising esteemed alumni, the Illinois Flames Track Club not only imparts athletic skills but also mentors athletes for success in all spheres of life.

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