Book cover of The Master Your Moves Method: The Beginner’s Guide to Learn Martial Arts Correctly AND Perform Like a Champ and the author, Danny Indio M.B.

MYM revolutionizes martial arts learning and performance with its latest innovations: The MYM Method book, the MYM Training Notebook, and the MYM Toolkit

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2023 / — Master Your Moves (MYM), a pioneer in martial arts education and performance, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking products. These products or tools are based on proven techniques and strategies used in memorization, neuroscience, and sports psychology to help beginners learn, perform, and fight better. MYM designed them for martial artists who want to optimize the learning journey, enhance information retention, boost confidence, and unleash their full potential in sparring and self-defense.

At the forefront of this lineup is the Master Your Moves Method manual, which provides a comprehensive roadmap for martial arts novices while also serving as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to elevate their performance. “Since our brain is able to retain vast amounts of knowledge and information, I looked at ways to apply memorization techniques to martial arts. And when I started using them, I saw remarkable improvements in both what I remembered and how I performed,” said Danny Indio M.B., the founder of MYM. The manual presents a step-by-step learning plan that equips practitioners with the necessary tools and strategies to accelerate their progress in learning, sparring, and fighting and achieve mastery in their chosen discipline.

In addition to the Master Your Moves Method manual, MYM offers the MYM Training Notebook, a companion resource designed to record techniques and drills and set targets for growth. Its ribbon bookmarks and DIY index make information easy to find, and the mix of ruled and blank pages allows for a variety of ways to take notes, using longhand, shorthand, sketches, mind maps, and flowcharts. By documenting each class’s techniques, recording sparring insights and achievements, and noting areas for improvement, martial artists can memorize techniques quicker, gain valuable insights into their performance, and make informed adjustments to their training regimen and fight plan. The training journal not only acts as an archive of techniques but also as a personal coach, providing motivation and accountability along the path toward excellence.

Complementing these resources is the MYM Toolkit, a collection of specialized training aids meticulously curated to enhance skill acquisition and performance. With this toolkit, students can not only coach themselves, but they can also objectively evaluate martial arts schools before joining, track their study sessions using the concept of “spaced practice,” assess sparring performances to see what works and what doesn’t, and more. The MYM Toolkit is packed with fillable PDFs that allow anyone, from novices to advanced students, to log their studies, set goals, memorize their techniques, track their progress, and refine their fight plans with precision and clarity.

For further details about the MYM Method book, the MYM Training Notebook, and the MYM Toolkit or to support any or all of these products, interested parties are directed to visit the following pages for each, respectively: the Master Your Moves Method manual (, MYM Training Notebook (, and MYM Toolkit (, or the official website at As part of MYM’s rollout and as an early Black Friday month-long event, the book and notebook will be sold at a discount and the bulk of the toolkit will be free.

About Master Your Moves (MYM):

Master Your Moves (MYM) is a company dedicated to empowering and motivating martial artists of all levels, primarily beginners who want to excel. Integral to this mission is the “MYM Method,” a simple yet powerful system of learning and performing martial arts that draws on memorization methods, sports psychology, and neuroscience. MYM also produces the “MYM Toolkit” which contains resources, content, and tools that help martial artists learn better, perform better, and fight better. With the MYM Method and the MYM Toolkit, MYM aims to support the growth and development of martial artists worldwide.

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