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Motocross Gear Reimagined Featuring Patented ProZip® Technology From Sofa Brand MX

Sofa Brand MX ProZip® Product Functionality

Sofa Brand MX ProZip® Product Functionality

Sofa Brand MX Wave Red featuring ProZip® Technology

Sofa Brand MX Wave Red featuring ProZip® Technology

Up-and-coming name Sofa Brand has developed the patented ProZip® series of apparel specifically for motocross riders.

State of Attraction (SOFA®) invites you to be a part of moto’s first functional MX gear redesign and experience how ridewear should function and feel. Are you in a state of attraction?”

— Austin Gonsalves

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, January 5, 2023 / — After years of stifled development and same-old approaches, motocross is finally in for some exciting changes. Up-and-coming name Sofa Brand has developed the ProZip® series of apparel specifically for motocross riders. At the heart of this product line is a patented technology that seeks to revolutionize how you experience performance.

The ProZip® Series is defined by its unique zipper that gives riders unprecedented access on and off the track. The pant is designed to move with the rider instead of against them, allowing for a more natural range of motion. It also ensures that the rider’s clothes remain comfortable and snug throughout their ride – no matter how extreme the conditions.

What’s more, ProZip® apparel is made from a breathable, lightweight fabric that keeps riders cool and dry in any conditions. Mesh fabric on the back and perforated holes on the arms provide extra ventilation and keep riders focused on their performance. The ProZip® series is also built to last through years of wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for regular riders who value durability.

The ProZip® pant is designed and developed to provide riders with optimal comfort. It features compression that is integrated into the outer layer of the pant for additional stability during extreme riding conditions. Other features include adjustable waist closures and a zipped calf for easy knee brace access.

Sofa Brand’s patented technology is the only one of its kind in the motocross industry and has been tested and approved by professional riders for superior performance. While optimized for results, it’s also stylish and available in several dynamic colors, ranging from Pearl White and Wave Red, to a Drip Orange.

The ProZip® Series also provides riders with various placement options for name and sponsor display, allowing them to maximize their branding efforts. Each item can be customized with a name, logo, or any graphic for maximum brand recognition.

This month, Sofa Brand is appealing to passionate motocross riders to apply to its 2023 sponsored athlete program, which will select a limited number of applicants from in preparation for next year’s season. Individuals with a consistent attendance record at races, top finishes, and/or high media exposure are encouraged to apply. Selected athletes will be provided with a range of benefits, including equipment and apparel discounts and special promotional opportunities. This is a fantastic chance to join the exclusive Sofa Brand team and become part of the larger motocross family.

Sofa Brand’s ProZip® Series is a game-changer for motocross riders searching for an edge on the track and an always-snug fit. With one of the most advanced zipper designs on the market, this apparel line is set to revolutionize how you experience and perform in motocross.

So, whether you’re a pro or an amateur rider, it’s time to suit up for success with Sofa Brand’s ProZip® Series of apparel. Get ready to take your ride to the next level! Visit us at today.

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