Veronica Besmer joins the PRUVN Research founding team

Executive and attorney brings a wealth of legal and operational expertise to accelerate PRUVN’s growth

Besmer’s background complements our existing strengths, further positioning us to deliver exceptional value to our clients and drive innovation in the wellness industry.”

— Elias Arjan

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 22, 2024 / — PRUVN Research LLC, a leading research organization validating wellness products and services, proudly welcomes Veronica Besmer as its newest Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel. With over fifteen years of dedicated experience in legal, regulatory and operational affairs within the wellness sector, Besmer brings a wealth of expertise to the company’s leadership team. Her appointment comes at a pivotal moment for PRUVN™ as it transitions from launching in Q4 2023 to rapid expansion in 2024.

Elias Arjan, CEO and Co-Founder of PRUVN, expressed his enthusiasm for Besmer’s appointment, stating, “It was a level of synchronicity that I could have never predicted. Besmer embodies the highest moral character, a quality essential to our founding team’s ethos. It’s inspiring to have someone of her caliber on board, reinforcing our commitment to integrity in all aspects of our operations.”

Besmer’s recruitment signifies a strategic move toward bolstering PRUVN’s legal and operational capabilities. Arjan emphasized the importance of having in-house counsel, citing the complexities of navigating regulatory landscapes and contractual obligations within the wellness industry.

“In today’s market, consumers are increasingly discerning, seeking products that have undergone rigorous testing and validation,” noted Arjan. “This demand for credibility has led wellness companies to go the extra mile in conducting studies, precisely where PRUVN excels.”

According to a recent McKinsey report in January 2024, efficacy and credibility are two of the most important factors to consumers when selecting wellness products. PRUVN is positioned to address this demand head-on, providing a service that empowers consumers to make evidence-based decisions about their health.

Francisco Cidral, ND, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of PRUVN, underscored that regulatory compliance in health and wellness, particularly regarding claims substantiation and clinical studies, is deeply intertwined with legal frameworks. “Besmer’s expertise in regulatory matters can bridge the gap between scientific evidence and legal requirements, ensuring that PRUVN’s services meet the stringent standards set by the FDA and FTC,” he said.

Since its official launch in 2023, PRUVN has experienced unprecedented demand, with clients lining up to leverage its services. Arjan attributes this success to the unique blend of skills within the three-member founding team, each representing different facets of the business, from sales to scientific research, legal, finance and operations.

“I immediately understood PRUVN’s tremendous value proposition to natural health or medical device companies; offering services to generate cost-effective and targeted scientific data enables them to back up their advertising claims legally,” says Besmer referring to her first conversation about PRUVN. “There are so many new health products coming to the market, but with the increasingly stringent regulatory landscape as well as the consumers’ actual demand for clinically proven products and the transparency, they have to have certain things in place before they reach the market. And PRUVN enables that.”

Besmer will play an important role in spearheading PRUVN’s operational strategy and optimizing its internal processes to support continued innovation and expansion. With a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of the wellness space, Besmer is poised to help lead the company toward its next phase of growth and success.

“Besmer’s background complements our existing strengths, further positioning us to deliver exceptional value to our clients and drive innovation in the wellness industry,” Arjan explains.


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