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Field of Excellance Award to Joe Ciancio at Eaton Sports Fields

Turf Feeding Systems

Turf Feeding Systems, a Texas company, can improve the overall quality, reduce operating costs, and increase play of any public golf course and make a profit.

KATY, TX, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2023 / — Fertigation is growing green profitable public golf courses.

Turf Feeding Systems specializes automatic fertigation, which injects fertilizer into irrigation water to make it sweet and rich with fertilizer, soil nutrients, and probiotic biology to feed the grass and soil automatically. This method is like hydroponics for the golf course. Growing grass and soil health together without labor. It’s automatic fertilizing, and it is much more efficient than any dry fertilizer.

Michael Chaplinsky, the president of Turf Feeding Systems states,” We can install a fertigation system on any golf course and save them over $25,000 annually, and create great turfgrass quality on the golf course. We have been doing across America for over 35 years.”

Jeff Wagner did it at Boiling Springs Golf Club in rural Oklahoma, saved over $50,000, and has the best course in the area. Fertigation Saved Boiling Springs Golf Course. – YouTube

Chaplinsky continues, “Our fertigation is the applicator system. The fertilizer program is the secret. Using a liquid fertilizer product like Nutrien BlackMax32. It is a great low-cost fertilizer that is loaded with humic acid to build the soil health and the UAN32 is a great N fertilizer. It is a great product at a one to two gallon per acre rate per month @ about $10 per gallon. That will grow a great golf course for $10,000 to $20,000 annual fertilizer budget. The humic acid releases the phosphorus in the soil for free. You cannot get a better program for less cost.”

Fertigation systems for golf range from $4,500 to $8,500, and can save over $25,000 annually.

Fertigation systems grows sports fields as well. Eaton Sports Fields uses fertigation and was awarded the Pioneer Field of Excellence Award for the best sports field in all of Colorado. Eaton is a small agriculture town of 5,000 in eastern Colorado. Joe Ciancio Is the Top Gun Growing Sports Fields in Colorado – YouTube

Chaplinsky concludes, “Automation is the future. You have automatic irrigation, so adding fertigation gives you Automatic Fertilizing, which reduces water, labor, costs, and gives you a great golf course that players will love to play.”

Bio: Michael Chaplinsky – Founder / President Turf Feeding Systems. Expert in fertigation, irrigation, and soil health for over 35 years. Speaks worldwide on fertigation, soil health, and water conservation.

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