The Woodcarver Park project received $800,000 from the province’s Destination Development Fund to honour Rolf Heer, the Radium Woodcarver.

This funding marks a significant milestone in realizing Rolf Heer’s vision.”

— Valerie Bracken, President, Radium Village Arts & Culture Society

RADIUM HOT SPRINGS, AB, CANADA, November 16, 2023 / — The Radium Village Arts & Culture Society is delighted to announce the approval of a significant grant from the Province of British Columbia’s Destination Development Fund to support our Woodcarver Park Project. This visionary project, dedicated to the memory of Rolf Heer, the renowned Radium Woodcarver and creator of the famous “Home of a Thousand Faces,” will metamorphose his legacy property into a vibrant cultural and recreational haven for the local community and visitors.

The Destination Development Fund, an integral part of the British Columbia government’s commitment to enhancing tourism and cultural experiences throughout the province, has recognized the Woodcarver Park Project as a pivotal addition to the region’s cultural and artistic heritage. This funding will empower us to bring Rolf’s dream to life, transforming his legacy into a perpetual homage to his extraordinary craftsmanship and joyful spirit.

Rolf Heer, a beloved figure in the heart of the Radium Hot Springs community, devoted his life to woodcarving, creating innumerable masterpieces within his distinctive home that charmed all who crossed his path. Prior to his passing, Rolf bequeathed his property to the Radium Village Arts & Culture Society, envisioning the transformation of this space into a park that celebrates art, provides a playground for children, and offers a serene retreat for all to savor. The centerpiece, a two-story “treehouse” with an overlook and an iconic roof designed in the shape of Rolf’s trademark hat, will stand as a testament to his artistry.

The Woodcarver Park Project was professionally designed by Bassett Associates Landscape Architects Inc. and will encompass various key features:

– The Focal Point: A two-story “treehouse” with a scenic overlook and an iconic roof design mirroring Rolf’s hat.

– Open Green Space: With informal seating for relaxation and gatherings.

– Whimsical Washroom Building: Adorned with goats on the roof, adding a touch of playful charm.

– Picnic Area: Equipped with tables and benches for picnics and leisure.

– Accessibility: Two designated parking stalls with a ramp, ensuring full site accessibility.

– Nature Play Area: Incorporating a “river” of logs to encourage creative play, as well as an adventurous embankment slide and climbing logs.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the generous support from the Province of British Columbia’s Destination Development Fund. This funding marks a significant milestone in realizing Rolf Heer’s vision,” expressed Valerie Bracken, President of the Radium Village Arts & Culture Society. “The Woodcarver Park Project will not only serve as a lasting tribute to the remarkable woodcarver, Rolf Heer but also as a cultural and recreational hub that will beckon visitors and locals alike.”

“We are thrilled that the Radium Village Arts & Culture Society will be able to construct a tribute to Rolf Heer’s legacy in the Village for both community members and visitors to enjoy, for generations to come,” says Jessica Fairhart, Executive Director of Tourism Radium.

The Radium Village Arts & Culture Society remains dedicated to working in close collaboration with the community and stakeholders to ensure that the Woodcarver Park Project authentically embodies Rolf Heer’s spirit and the values of the region. We will persist in seeking support from local businesses, artists, and volunteers to breathe life into this remarkable vision.

For more information about the project or to get involved, please visit our website at or contact us at [email protected].

About Radium Village Arts & Culture Society: The Radium Village Arts & Culture Society is a non-profit organization committed to promoting and preserving the arts and culture in Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia. The Woodcarver Park Project stands as a testament to the society’s dedication to celebrating the rich artistic heritage of the region.

Valerie Bracken
President, Radium Village Arts & Culture Society
+1 250-270-0228
[email protected]

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