Major publishers that use AI Content

Sports Illustrated’s journalistic integrity has been heavily scrutinized, with severe accusations of AI-generated articles created by fictitious authors

COLLINGWOOD, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 30, 2023 / — In a recent study conducted by Originality.AI, recognized globally as the most accurate AI Content Detection tool, 46% of major publishers were found to rely heavily on AI Writing.

Among them is The Arena Group, which owns Sports Illustrated. This revelation coincides with heightened scrutiny of Sports Illustrated’s journalistic integrity, amid serious allegations of undisclosed AI-generated articles crafted by fake authors.

The use of AI-generated content by fake authors, coupled with the lack of transparency about its true origin- raises ethical concerns regarding reader trust and journalistic responsibility.

Despite Sports Illustrated’s claims of exclusively human-created content, backed by stringent quality assurance procedures and the use of anti-plagiarism as well as AI content detection tools, ongoing investigations hint at a potential deviation from this narrative.

The study pinpointed companies with the highest AI content on their sites, including:


-The Arena Group (which owns Sports Illustrated)

-Red Ventures


-Internet Brands


-Ziff Davis.

While The Arena Group is not alone in navigating the challenges posed by generative AI, the consistent struggles faced by various media organizations underscore the complexities and pitfalls associated with this technology.

The detailed study is available at, providing comprehensive insights into the prevalence of AI writing among large publishers.

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