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SkipAve Shakes Up E-Scooter Market With First-Of-Its-Kind Electric Scooter Built For City Living

SkipAve Breeze – The New King Of E-scooters Has Landed

SkipAve Breeze Fits Lifestyles

Launching direct to consumer beginning July 2022 for just CAD $559.

…we were hyper-focused on creating a more affordable, convenient option that doesn’t sacrifice durability or ride experience…”

— Tobias Tang, CEO of SkipAve

VANCOUVER, CANADA, July 14, 2022 / — SkipAve today announced the launch of Breeze, its new flagship electric scooter custom-designed and built by one of the most innovative and ambitious manufacturing teams in the micromobility industry. Breeze will be available in Canada and the U.S. starting July before shipping internationally over the course of 2022.

Breeze is one of the only electric scooters that delivers on performance without sacrificing safety and affordability. More than 20 different safety and durability tests were completed on this model over the course of its development, which started in 2020.

Designed with university students, corporate campus employees, and everyday commuters in mind, special consideration was given to each and every feature on Breeze to ensure it is built to withstand city road conditions. Some of the industry-leading features found on this model include:

– Triple-braking system for full rider control

– Dual-suspension wheels

– Full deck board LED lights for safe night riding and rider visibility

– Efficient charging (<4 hours for full charge) for fast, on-the-go travel

– High-performance motor: 350 W motor (550 W peak power output)

– Rear-wheel drive with the combination of solid rear tire and pneumatic front tire

– Robust and lightweight aluminum alloy frame with a secure latch

– Lithium ion battery offers estimated real-world range of 35 km

“With fuel prices on the rise, vehicle purchase costs climbing and auto insurance rates skyrocketing, we were hyper-focused on creating a more affordable, convenient option that doesn’t sacrifice durability or ride experience,” said Tobias Tang, CEO of SkipAve. “We are proud to produce one of the few electric scooter options in the market that not only passes safety and durability certifications but also creates an unmatched ride experience tailored to students’ and young professionals’ lifestyles.”

Riders will enjoy an impressive top speed, daily use in mixed terrain environments, full suspension and larger pneumatic tires for vibration absorption and a smooth ride – making it one of the best electric scooters in the market.

“Creating a more sustainable future is one of our core values at SkipAve. Breeze was built with that vision in mind,” said Ezra Hananel, Head of Product Engineering. “Designed from the ground-up for efficient, ergonomic, and sustainable operations, Breeze is more durable, compact, and has a longer lifespan than the average electric scooter. This model also utilizes recyclable and sustainable materials to reduce waste and emissions, which we know is top of mind for today’s conscious consumer.”

Breeze will be available to purchase on beginning July 2022. To reserve your Breeze scooter, visit For more information and the flash pre-order grand sale right now, visit the Kickstarter page [link].

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Based in Vancouver, Canada, SkipAve is an innovative manufacturer of premium electric scooters. Our flagship model – Breeze – is the most affordable premium personal electric scooter serving everyone to achieve a convenient and delightful lifestyle. For more information about SkipAve, visit

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