UNITED KINGDOM, April 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The STIGA team know just how important gardening is not only for green spaces and the health of the environment but also for mental and physical wellbeing.

Wellbeing benefits from gardening

As spring is now here, there’s nothing more satisfying than reconnecting with nature and enjoying the physical and mental benefits it offers, such as reduced stress and improved health. The renewal that comes with the spring season ignites a sense of rejuvenation that starts from green spaces everywhere. Therefore, when wishing to live a greener life, everyone should take care of and appreciate home gardens. Each garden is a small ecosystem that requires attention to flourish. However, taking care of greenery needs the right equipment.

A spring clean for the garden and the mind!

There is a well known saying: a tidy house equals a tidy mind. Research shows that having a clean, well-organised home is important for mental health and well-being. And this goes for home gardens too!


Research has shown that activities such as mowing not only burn calories but also release endorphins, the body’s natural mood-boosting chemicals. Additionally, the scent of freshly cut grass may act as a stress reliever too. The selection of 20V STIGA mowers, such as the Collector 140e Kit use the same batteries as the 3 Series too, bringing the ease of interchangeable batteries to gardening.

The new 3 Series

The new 3 Series range of battery hand tools, offer a way to easily manage grass, hedges, flower beds, bushes and trees. STIGA HT 300e battery hedge trimmer, BL 300e battery garden leaf blower, GT 300e battery grass trimmer and the CS 300e battery chainsaw will keep gardens and figures trim in no time. Plus…each product will always to ready for use thanks to STIGA’s clever and convenient on-board charging and on-wall storage system!

All products can be found on the STIGA website www.stiga.com/uk/

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