SustainAble Exchange Partners with Devdent to Improve Sleep and Airway Health

Second Series of EnAble Tokens Classified as EnAble Devdent Tokens to Support Airway Health & Sleep

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2024 / — SustainAble Exchange is proud to announce a new member agreement with Devdent, a private company focused on airway health and improved sleep through testing, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep disorders with nasal and oral appliances. SustainAble Exchange recognizes Devdent as a mission driven healthcare company that provides more accessible products and services for sleep health, thus improving overall health and quality of life for all communities. This new class of EnAble Tokens – EnAble Devdent Tokens – will provide multiple options to support Devdent plus track the increased populations assisted by Devdent’s products and services, and improve the sleep health (and overall health) in multiple populations.

“We are honored to be part of the SustainAble Exchange and to support its mission of impacting lives worldwide. We are excited to partner with corporations that want to improve health in their communities, their employees, and people everywhere. Quality sleep is the foundation of health. We have over 2/3 of this country reporting poor sleep; because of this, we can’t reach our potential as employees and citizens. Poor health is a major problem, and improving breathing is where the solution starts,” said Joe Magness D.D.S., Devdent founder and CEO.

“At Devdent, we are committed, through our partners, to increase access to care on a large scale, therefore improving health. The SustainAble Exchange and Devdent will help provide the next chapter of growth and success for corporations and their workers. Health needs to be a top priority for people across the globe,” said Lance Checketts, Devdent’s CRO.

SustainAble Exchange brings corporations and communities together in accelerating the adoption of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 3, Good Health & Well-Being. In this series of EnAble Tokens, the actions of SustainAble Exchange and its members will expand the population receiving support for their sleep and airway health. “Obstructive sleep apnea and other forms of sleep disorders are often not diagnosed and treated. This has a large impact on the health and wellness of our populations,” according to Sustain Exchange, LLC co-founder and CEO, Jon C. Ohrn.

Corporations supporting Devdent’s service receive economic and social benefits. Poor sleep and associated conditions have a large impact on employee attendance and productivity, and more important the overall health & wellness of our workers and communities. In certain cases, airway health and sleep conditions can be treated through a dental practice with appropriate nasal and oral appliances, which may allow increased accessibility at a lower cost to the employee and company. This allows corporations, foundations and other members of SustainAble Exchange to support employees and underserved communities. “Poor sleep impacts an individual’s health plus the surrounding community suffers through less attentive driving, work and actions that may result in severe accidents. Through the positive action of supporting social and health benefits of employees and communities, participating members earn EnAble Devdent Tokens that demonstrate the outcomes of their positive actions,” added Mr. Ohrn.

In addition to the valuable service provided by Devdent, the family of SustainAble Exchange recognizes the societal benefits of companies delivering products to underserved health populations. “Joe and Lance are committed to expanding the health benefits that can be delivered by dentists and their practices across the country. Their focus has been all of our communities and expanding the accessibility of care,” said Mr. Ohrn.

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About Sustain Exchange LLC, SustainAble Exchange and EnAble Tokens

At the core of SustainAble Exchange lies the revolutionary concept of EnAble Tokens, which symbolize sustainable practices and values for people and the environment. As members generate EnAble Tokens during transactions, they contribute to the advancement of the SDGs, creating a dynamic network of companies and individuals committed to responsible business practices.

Key Features of SustainAble Exchange:

EnAble Tokens: Members can generate EnAble Tokens in transactions, promoting sustainability and supporting the 17 UN SDGs.

Network of Companies: EnAble Tokens are utilized within a network of conscientious organizations, facilitating collaboration and driving positive impact across industries.

Validation and Storage: EnAble Tokens are securely validated, stored, and valued within the SustainAble Exchange platform, promoting transparency and accountability.

Digital Wallet Integration: Member companies have the ability to integrate with a digital wallet available on consumers’ mobile devices, extending the benefits of sustainable commitments into consumer loyalty and employee assistance programs.

Member Portal: Corporate members record each transaction through a member portal, ensuring transparent and immutable tracking of sustainable actions.

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About Devdent

Devdent is on a mission to improve oral health, which is the gateway to overall health. We are also focused on increasing care affordability. Because the oral cavity determines how we breathe, is the way we nourish ourselves, can be a source for infection, and influences gut health because of the oral microbiome, it is important for all healthcare providers and for individuals to be educated on how to achieve oral health. It is also paramount to have access to products that can help achieve oral health. Devdent and its partners bring solutions that reduce cost through technology for airway and sleep disorders to many markets such as the dental, orthodontic, chiropractic, health & wellness, corporate, and military markets. Because these markets are seeing the symptoms of poor sleep, we are taking our solutions to these markets to improve sleep, therefore health. Visit our websites to learn how you can start getting healthier today.


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Jeff Hallstead, COO and Co-Founder of Sustain Exchange LLC

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Joe Magness D.D.S., CEO and Founder of Devdent

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Lance Checketts, CRO of Devdent

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