The art of having happier relationships

This is a picture of the HappierMe app

The new HappierMe app

A phto of the Emotional Needs moudle

The Emotional Needs module in the HappierMe app

With 70+ modules the app guides users how to live in peace with themselves and others.

This app is what each and every person needs every day. It will give each person the tools to lead a purposeful and meaningful life.”

— Tinamarie Rodriguez, Coach, USA.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 8, 2023 / — More than 50% of relationships breakdown or are unhappy. The art of having happy relationships is one the most difficult skills to learn and rarely taught, but essential for our happiness and success in the world. With the holiday season approaching relationships will be under even more strain.
Now there is an app to help.

The HappierMe self-awareness app launches today. It helps users understand themselves and how their minds work, and apply this understanding to live in peace with themselves and others. The more we understand ourselves, the easier it is to understand others because deep down our minds function in similar ways. It is a resource for everyone to have happier relationships at home and at work. This can contribute to our wellbeing and success in the world.

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This is an introduction to HappierMe (1 min)
This is a video tour of the app (2 min)

With more than 70 modules including those on relationships, communication, emotional needs, opinions, criticism and love, it helps people navigate the challenges of relationships and be emotionally intelligent. To have happier relationships we first need to be happy in ourselves, and the app guides users to do so.

It is packed with features including an online journal which helps users understand their own thoughts and feelings. This deeper self-understanding leads to clarity and helps people change naturally. It also has a discussion forum, stories, videos, podcasts and invitations to live events. The app is priced at less than 2 cups of coffee/month.

It helps people feel better now and then offers a path to go deeper, to understand their own mind and explore fresh ways of thinking for long term benefit. It can also help users manage their own mental health, overcome addiction, and develop the soft skills to succeed in life.

Take the app for a test drive. Download HappierMe from the App or Play store or visit

This app is part of the HumanWisdom Project. Our mission is to empower people with the tools to lead a happier life, in peace with themselves and others, and make the world a better place for everyone.

The founder, Dr Manoj Krishna used to be a spine surgeon, before starting the HumanWisdom project.

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Hoe can we have happier relationships?

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