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4 great ideas for furnishing a small space

4 great ideas for furnishing a small space

It is not easy to furnish a small space in a way that is both practical and aesthetic. Learn how to save space and take care of your decoration, without cluttering up your rooms.

1. Storage on the mezzanine

Star of small spaces, the mezzanine saves a few square meters of surface. It sometimes happens that the height under the ceiling is insufficient to mount a wardrobe or a large shelf. However, the mezzanine is a perfect place to create storage and thus discreetly declutter the other rooms.

When the mezzanine has a fairly low ceiling height, it is always possible to integrate low storage units. A chest of drawers, a sideboard or square boxes, for example. Similarly, this space often includes an extra bed. To gain storage, bet on modular furniture, such as a convertible sofa with a storage chest or drawers on wheels to slide under a bed.

2. A desk in the closet

Owners of small homes often tend to optimize space by creating as many closets as possible. However, the overload of storage can sometimes be counterproductive and interfere with the layout of the rooms – for lack of space to put down your furniture or open the doors of said cupboards, for example. However, it is possible to take advantage of this layout by creating an office space inside one of these cupboards.

Doors closed, no clutter on the ground, no dust to make. Open doors, a functional office with shelves, where you can slide small storage units. If your closet is deep enough, you can even store a stool or even a small chair to sit on when you want to work.

3. Exploit unused spaces

When space is limited, the keyword for furnishing your rooms remains optimization. And in particular, by exploiting the smallest interstice available. A good tip is to install shelves under the stairs to store books, dishes, or even serve as a storage room for Christmas decorations and other ephemeris.

In a spirit of aesthetic and decorative accumulation, it is also possible to install wall shelves from floor to ceiling. Also, to fill any small space or alcove with storage space narrow enough to slip into. Far from cluttering, this type of layout can, on the contrary, give a real style to the room.

4. Bet on a maximalist decoration

The decoration of a small space does not have to be proportional to it. On the contrary, the accumulation of small furniture and small decorative objects can quickly clutter a room and create heavy visual clutter and a heavy atmosphere. Browse collections now at Homary!

Instead, bet on maximalist pieces such as a large dresser, decorated with a large mirror or an imposing painting on the wall. Not only practical, because useful for storage, this type of furniture creates a contrast and purifies the volumes, giving an impression of grandeur in the room.