Collaborative outfit City IMP Records release debut LP Chancers 001

Three electronic artists form a new records company and release their 7-track debut compilation album.

Bursting onto the Irish electronic music scene; City IMP, DJ EGG and Roo Honeychild gather the best kind of messers to feature in the new LP Chancers 001.

“The artists inside link club sonics derived from Jersey Club, Industrial Rap, Trance and Hard Drum with a juvenile sense of humour as well as a healthy dose of nostalgia and appreciation for such Irish institutions – as shifting someone’s mate at a teen disco, cúpla focail Gaeilge briste and drinking cans on public transport. The main musical inspiration for this compilation musically was Jersey Club Music and its mother/sister genres from Baltimore and Philly” shares Roo.

“Each of the 9 artists then brought a little something of their own taste and bag of tricks to the tracks.”

The label is majorly influenced by organisations like Moveltraxx and Club Queen Records. Their unique style and peculiar sense of humour also takes from the like spirited Irish labels such as Dollar Pickle Records Kerry, Scauldwave, and legendary Cork rapper Craic Boi Mental. ‘The main thing that inspired us beyond this was just like growing up in Dublin and our love for the place, the things people say and the memories we have from there,’ adds IMP.

“The City IMP project was the perfect opportunity to merge my love for Ireland’s nightlife scene with my illustration style,” EGG agrees with their fellow musician. “Basically, everything was developed bouncing off of the old City IMP bus graphics themselves and the illustrations I did of everyone.”

Prepare for an experience like no other when listening to this album, which elicits a nostalgic range of emotions only a nightclub can curate.

“It’s music for messers. These are Irish rave anthems for the TikTok generation,” says IMP.

The compilation features tracks from SELKY, Rory Sweeney, Sweet Philly, Julia Louise Knifefist, Toké O’Drift, FRAQ, Doubt, BIG M, DJ EGG and Ozwald.

Listen to Chancers 001 below.

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