The disposable insert makes loud flatulence nearly inaudible

For people who have struggled with uncontrollable gas, a phenomenon that increases with age, dietary changes, and intestinal issues, there is new hope on the horizon–Tacepo. This innovative device not only helps flatulence sufferers build confidence but can also add an element of novelty to an otherwise embarrassing situation.

“At Tacepo, we understand the challenges that individuals facing excessive gas encounter, and we’re proud to introduce a range of products designed to restore confidence and minimize discomfort,” said a company representative. “Tacepo wearers can regain control of life without the fear of awkward moments or unwanted reactions when in business meetings, in restaurants or other important settings.”

Tacepo is available in four variants to suit user preferences:

  • Tacepo: The standard version of the device is engineered to deafen the sound of loud flatulence
  • TacepoPig and TacepoDuck: For those who enjoy a touch of humor, TacepoPig and TacepoDuck offer a quirky twist. When wearing, flatulence will mimic the corresponding animal's sound, turning potentially embarrassing moments into lighthearted ones
  • TacepoPouch: This product is a “secret weapon” against sound and smell, when combined with the standard Tacepo

On average, flatulence can produce sounds up to 70 decibels. With Tacepo, sound is reduced to just 2 decibels, making it nearly as discreet as a quiet exhalation. Whether users are in an important meeting or at a social gathering, Tacepo can help them carry on with confidence, knowing that their flatulence won't steal the spotlight.

With Tacepo’s ergonomic design and discreet handles, the device will stay securely in place until removed by the wearer. The device is designed for single-use only; reusing it may lead to complications, as it cannot be fully cleaned, potentially harboring harmful bacteria.

Tacepo is recommended for use during moments when involuntary flatulence could impact an individual’s reputation. Typically, such situations last no more than two to four hours, but the device is designed to stay comfortably in place for up to 24 hours.

Tacepo invites all people seeking increased confidence to join the brand in embracing a life free from the fear of flatulence. 

In addition to offering discounts on bulk orders, Tacepo also accepts requests for custom sizing, colors, and designs. The requests will be posted on the brand’s website for voting.

To explore Tacepo’s range of products and review common FAQs, visit the company’s website at Also, Tacepo is now running a funding campaign on Indiegogo:

About Tacepo

Tacepo is a pioneering brand dedicated to providing discreet and innovative solutions for individuals who experience uncontrollable flatulence. Our range of ergonomic devices is designed to reduce sound and, in some cases, add a touch of humor to awkward situations, all while promoting confidence and comfort. At Tacepo, our mission is to empower individuals to keep their taboo quiet, promoting confidence and well-being. Visit to learn more.

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