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New Scientifically Supported Online Nutrition Program Changing Type 2 Diabetes Health

Innovative digital health research published in NATURE Nutrition & Diabetes on Aug. 27, 2023, demonstrated the effectiveness of the T2Diet Program to change the health of people living with type 2 diabetes. Led by Dr. Jedha Dening, type 2 diabetes nutritionist and founder of Diabetes Meal Plans, the T2Diet Study has shown that people can achieve significant improvements in blood sugar control, and reductions in weight and diabetes medications, in just a short time. 

"The findings of the T2Diet Study are incredibly important and exciting," remarks Dr. Dening. "The study proves we can make a significant and positive impact on people's lives by reaching them anywhere to provide effective, accessible and practical solutions."

Addressing a Critical Gap in Diabetes Management

With type 2 diabetes impacting an estimated 34 million Americans and projected to affect 1.3 billion globally by 2050, innovative solutions are paramount. 

"With the growing number of people living with type 2 diabetes, scientifically proven digital interventions are the best way to reach people with the education and support they urgently need," said Dr. Dening. 

Life-Changing Results of the T2Diet Study

In the 16-week blinded randomized controlled trial, 98 participants were divided into two groups: one engaging with the online T2Diet Program plus standard care, and the other continuing standard care alone.

T2Diet Program participants saw vastly improved blood sugar control with an average reduction of nearly 1% in hemoglobin A1c, an average weight loss of 9.6 pounds and considerably reduced diabetes medications. In contrast, the standard care group saw marginal health changes and increased medication.

"Beyond the confines of the study, we've seen people all across America, Canada and Australia achieving great results with the program," notes Dr. Dening. "One person recently lowered their A1c by 4% and shed 40 pounds in 16 weeks. Witnessing these life-changing results is truly inspiring." 

A Leap Forward for Diabetes Health

"Research on the effectiveness of digital dietary interventions for people with type 2 diabetes is still extremely limited, so this is a big step forward," said Dr. Dening. 

The success of the T2Diet Program marks a pivotal advancement in the field of type 2 diabetes management. By harnessing the power of online nutrition education and support, people can access the tools and resources they need to achieve lasting health improvements.

The T2Diet Program is available to people around the globe, and provided alongside standard care, the study results show the enormous potential to make a real difference in many people's lives.

For more information on the T2Diet Program, visit https://t2diet.com 

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Original Source: New Online Nutrition Program Marks a Pivotal Advancement for Type 2 Diabetes Management With Outstanding Clinical Outcomes