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Planningtorock is the sound of the future | Blog

Born out of gay electronic pop music Jam identifies as non-binary, is married and we had the absolute pleasure to speak to them over Zoom from an island off of Estonia about their favourite spots to DJ, living on an island and the moment that really made her mom really proud.

Coming through art school and video work, what kickstarted Planningtorock as the producer and musician that we know today?

It’s a good question… it sounds cheesy but music has always been important to me and as a kid it was the place that I escaped to. At the same time I started making video and then thinking maybe I can make music a bit. One day I’m going to release these early demos…

Moving to Berlin was the big catalyst for me. I moved there in 1999. Peaches was a round, there was so much avant quart punk-y things going on, people taking what they had a making amazing shows and and I think it blew me away and gave me an opportunity to try. 

I had no idea who I was…there was so much I had to learn about myself. Berlin gave me space and inspiration to take music seriously, but I had been making music since I was 17, but very privately, almost like a hobby, and had day jobs…

What were some of your early inspirations in music?

When I was a teenager growing up in the north of England, everybody was listening to the Smith’s, and I was listening to Erasure. Gay music. Gay melodies, electronic pop. I remember thinking why does everyone listen to the Smith’s, it’s so depressing? I had the biggest crush on Andy Bell bac then…I loved the fashion, Yazu, Orchestral Maneouvers in the Dark…very dramatic, minimalist, dance electronic pop. Bronski Beat.

I remember seeing them on Top of the Pops and being blown away. I grew up on the ass of a village, a tiny town, I met my first gay friend when I was 20. I lived a long time without having a sense of who I was and finding my people. 

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