Just as there are two sides of a coin, there are also two schools of thought whether men and women can have purely "platonic" relationships. In Episode 2 of the Two Men Talking Podcast, Fred believes that a platonic relationship eventually leads to romance. Stanley, age 89, is convinced that platonic relationships are absolutely possible even after a smooch.

To hear the differing views of these Ladies' Men "gents" with more than 160 years of combined life experiences, listen to Episode 2 of their April 11th Podcast. The topic: "Love or Lust: Can Men and Women Have Purely Platonic Relationships?", can be listened to at www.TwoMenTalking.com. The episode is part of a series of refreshing and thought-provoking listens for men, women, and anyone "in-between" from ages 20 to 100; anyone who loves living life to the fullest.

About Two Men Talking Podcast

With more than 160 years of combined life experiences, Stanley and Fred offer listeners a candid and relatable perspective on dating, relationships, women, and even life's impossibilities. To listen to the podcast and learn more about Stanley and Fred, visit their website at www.TwoMenTalking.com.

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Original Source: Two Men Talking Podcast Releases New Episode: The Science Between Men and Women Being 'Just Friends'
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