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AEE Technology Inc. partners with Drone Harmony to deliver new standard for Search and Rescue Autonomous Drone Flights

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Drone Harmony SAR Automated Flight System

Partnership incorporates AEE Technology’s innovative first responder-centric UAV Systems and Drone Harmony’s Search and Rescue Autonomous Flight System Software

As a first responder drone pilot, time is everything, a quick and accurate search pattern can make all the difference for a good outcome. This technology is a game changer for Search and Rescue Teams”

— -Captain Josh Wilkins San Bernardino County Fire Department

SAN DIEGO , CALIFORNIA, USA, September 2, 2022 / — AEE Technology Inc. is a leading USA-based innovator in creating rugged, commercial-grade UAS systems, announced today its new product and distribution partnership with Drone Harmony AG. Drone Harmony of Switzerland is an industry-leading drone data capture platform and will now support the full complement of AEE’s commercial aircraft as well as several other leading manufactures of UAV/Drone technology around the world. The Drone Harmony software, renowned for its highly automated flight planning capabilities, now supports Search and Rescue Missions. The key capability enables the drone pilot to execute an Autonomous Search Pattern rapidly with integrated topography capability.

What does this partnership mean?

Drone Harmony’s solutions for Search and Rescue are based on Drone Harmony’s Full-3D flight planning technology, which has to date automated hundreds of thousands of flights arounds the globe. Says Mike Kahn CMO/GM of AEE Technology Inc. “this partnership with Drone Harmony will allow Public Safety Teams around the globe to quickly and efficiently execute UAV Searches with touch of button”. The software features preselected search patterns including expanding squares, sector searches, and track lines with the ability to add Terrain Aware automation. AEE Technology Inc. will be a distribution partner of Drone Harmony Solutions for Search and Rescue, which is compatible with AEE Public Safety Drones as well as many other drone systems.

How does the software work?

The pilot selects the area to be search on a MAP provided by the Drone Harmony software interface, a choice of search pattern is made (depending on the type of search -land, flat / topographic, or water based) and the altitude of the flight is chosen. Drone Harmony’s solution will automatically program the flight and with the click of a button. Adding Terrain Aware option, allows the pilot to concentrate on the video feed (Thermal or RGB), while the drone automatically flies complex topographies accurately. Advanced software features allow Nap of the Earth Flying (NOE), affording the SAR team to concentrate on the Thermal/RGB details needed in a rescue operation. David Adjiashvili founder of Drone Harmony goes on to say, “We are excited to see how our technology can help to save lives. Drone Harmony has years of experience with autonomous drone flight and integrated Terrain Aware flights and seeing this technology being put to work in SAR is incredible”.

AEE Technology Inc, will distribute Drone Harmony solutions for Search and Rescue. Pricing will reflect Public Safety Agency team or drone fleet size and the complexity and scale of topographic data used.

Interested in learning more?

To learn more about this new technology, please come to the AEE Technology Inc. Booth #939 at next week’s Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada September 6-8, 2022

About AEE:

AEE Technology is a leading US-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of UAV systems that specializes in public safety-centric aircraft and solutions. Public safety agencies across the United States, including fire, police, and sheriff’s departments use AEE Technology’s UAV solutions. Their purpose built dual RGB and thermal cameras with Night Color Vision are revolutionizing Search and Rescue operations across the country and abroad.

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About Drone Harmony:

Drone Harmony is a leading provider of data acquisition software for the commercial drone market. Based in Switzerland, Drone Harmony redefined automated mission planning by introducing Full-3D flight planning technology to a variety of professional applications, guaranteeing high quality and reproducible flight data by pilots with minimal training.

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Drone Harmony Search and Rescue Autonomous Flight System

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