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Art Biennale in Basel

Art Biennale in Basel

Artwork Nots by Darcy Gerbarg

Artwork “Happy” by Orit Sharbat

Artwork ” Blue, green, Yellow” by Simon Abt

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, June 16, 2022 / — There is a lot going on artistically in Basel during the Art Basel week. Fondation Beyeler shows exhibition “Mondrian Evolution”. Kunstmuseum Basel shows special exhibition “Picasso – El Greco”. And the MAMAG Modern Art Museum from Austria is transforming the Grand Salon of the Hotel Victoria in Basel into an art museum and is showing the “Contemporary & Fine Art Biennale Basel” from June 17th to 19th, 2022.

Contemporary & Fine Art Biennale Basel shows selected artists from all over the world with a precise view and technique. Art is a mirror of society and shows how artists react to social and political changes, but also what moves artists in different phases of their lives. Art polarizes, but also unites and can be a creative source of inner strength for many viewers. The connecting role of art and diversity was important for curator of the Biennale Heinz Playner when selecting the artists for this exhibition.

The Basel Biennale will showcase the work of nearly 80 artists from around the world.

Artworks by Tanja Playner, Brenda Fernandez, Romeo Dobrota, Simon Abt, Rebeccah Klodt, Monica Jimeno, Mehmet Güldiz, Max Werner, Almas Kabani, Darcy Gerbarg, Aigerim Bektayeva, Vera Kober, Heather Lynn, Safranda Mammadova, Aigerim Bektayeva, Stephen Najda, Young-Sik Lee, Dieneke Tiekstra and other artists can be seen at the Biennale.

One of the artists oft he Biennale is Simon Abt. Simon Abt was born on December 23rd, 1992 in Basel (Switzerland). Through courses in sketching and sculpting as well as a course for design at the Invers School in Olten, he acquired practical and technical knowledge in painting. His main interest is the expression of the face and the possibilities of abstracting it without making the person unrecognizable herself. His style moves between an expressive color and lines and non-figurative alienation effects that produce this unique atmosphere of his paintings. Simon Abt’s work has generated great interest in the art world and has been featured in several international exhibitions.

J. A. Fligel encourages people to recognize the essence of humanity and the power of the human spirit, aiming to express a wide variety of human feelings, to show the delicacy and beauty of life, as well as demonstrating the diversity and equality between people and different cultures. Born, Scotland 1966 to a family of artist. Graduated in 1989 with a BA honours. There after, worked in the art department of Upper Springlands helping adults with special needs, later in the Film and theatre industry in Canada and Australia. Settled in Canada, 2001.

Darcy Gerbarg is a Pioneer Digital Artist making Art with computers since 1979, who continues to produce work using the latest digital technologies and traditional Fine Art techniques. She is a Techspressionist, an Abstract Expressionist painter, with traditional Art training who is currently painting with Colored Light in a 3DVR world, creating AR and VR Artworks and Interactive, Immersive Environments. She exhibits her work in Art Museums, Fairs and Galleries. Her work is available as canvas, paper, ceramics and nfts. Gerbarg’s art is in Art museums, galleries and fairs, corporate and private collections. Gerbarg studied Art at the NY Studio School for Drawing, Painting and Sculpture and with artists in Woodstock. She has a long history of printmaking with master printmakers, Krishna Reddy, Ronni Henning, and Kathy Caraccio. She taught the first Computer Art course for artists in the New York metropolitan area, at NYU in 1980, Launched and Directed the first SIGGRAPH Art Shows in 1981/1982, Created and Directed the world’s first MFA in Computer Art Program in the world, at the School of Visual Arts, NYC in the mid-80’s, was the adjunct professor in Computer Art, at SUNY Stony Brook and at NYU for many years. Gerbarg is a former Executive Director of the Marconi Foundation and is a Senior Fellow at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, Columbia University Business School.

Artist Orit Sharbat, Lives and works at Tel Aviv, Israel. She studied in the “The Midrasha Leomanut” – school of art, Beit- Berl, in 2017. Orit paints with great passion and intensity. Her authentic style is combined with strong expressive and powerful colors, mainly using oil or acrylic on fabric.

Her paintings consist of multiple and thick layers of color, the first gaze might deceive, and it may seem calm and harmonic but When studied closely, the Initial impression of harmony and tranquility soon gives way to a multi-layered rich labyrinth of colors. Her paintings certainly fit the adage that there is more than meets the eye.

Under the artists of the Biennale in Basel is Mona Askaer. Mona Askær was trained and educated as a draughtsman and graphics artist at Designschool in Kolding in 1974 and continued in 1978/79 at the Funen Art Academy. Mona Askær has been working as a free-lance illustrator for Egmont magazines/Aller Media/Jyllands-posten since 1984/08. She is a member of the Funen Graphics Workshop, Visual Artists’ Association BKF, Womens Artist Society KKS. Among other things, her works have been sold to the Art Committee of The Region of Southern Denmark, city halls, libraries, Odense University Hospital – educational institutions, private companies, and private individuals.

Artist Vera Kober loves to experiment with different combinations of colors. Bright colors giving me freedom. Painting on border of reality and abstraction showing in one time are her feelings and inspiration. Vera Kober was born in 1986 in the former USSR during the difficult period of its collapse in the family of musicians. She lives and works in Belgium. With large pallet of colors she tries to show depth and life in her artworks. Her works have been represented in international Exhibitions and Art Fairs by New York, Italian, Austrian, Spanish and Canadian galleries.

Contemporary & Fine Art Biennale Basel can be visited on 18 and 19 June 2022. Vernissage is on 17 June.
18 June 2022: 11 am to 5 pm
19 June 2022: 11 am to 3 pm
Vernissage: 17 June 2022: 7pm to 9 pm

Hotel Victoria
Centralbahnplatz 3-4
4002 Basel

K. Heinz Playner
MAMAG Modern Art Museum
+43 664 2142885
[email protected]

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