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Mom’s magic ‘wiggle butt’ burping hack

A TikTok mom’s “wiggle butt” burping hack is going viral — and given its apparent success rate, it’s no wonder why. Mom and hair expert Tay Becker (@taybeckerbeauty) had a hard time burping her first baby, Knox. So she turned to a chiropractor’s video on YouTube — and now, she’s sharing what she’s learned with parents everywhere. “Support their head and upper back really well. Put them right on top of your shoulder,” she goes onto explain, demonstrating as she talks her viewers through it. “With this hand, you’re gonna make a Barbie hand. Right underneath their booty, just like that… Holding their head nice, take their legs, shift back and forth,” she continues. As Tay begins to wiggle her baby’s bottom, she notes in on-screen text, “This is a GENTLE motion. Do not force their legs to sh– or move!”. A moment later, we hear her baby gently burp, and Tay beams into the camera. “There it is!”. Parents everywhere were shocked by Tay’s super-effective ‘wiggle butt’ burping hack, as made evident by the thousands of comments that came pouring in

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