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My 2022 Makeup Predictions | FUTURE TRENDS?! 🔮

It’s finally time for my 2022 makeup predictions, 5th year in a row! 🔮 These could come true, they might not, who knows! What do you think will be trends in 2022?

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Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer
Kaleidos Space Age Highlighter – Mars Melter (new) *
Urban Decay Cosmetics All Nighter Setting Spray

Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder – 3 *
NYX Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen – Ash Brown & Taupe
Colourpop Brow Boss Gel – Light Brown

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Base Primer – Ignite (code ANGESCHKA, affiliated)
Oden’s Eye x Fancy Face Humming Bird Palette * (affiliate codes don’t work on collabs but my code for Oden’s Eye is normally ANGESCHKA, affiliated)
Colourpop Creme Gel Liner – Prance (color is discontinued) Similar:
House of Lashes – Iconic

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22 thoughts on “My 2022 Makeup Predictions | FUTURE TRENDS?! 🔮

  1. I'm predicting more foundation balms, cream concealers, mixing palettes for blushers and bronzers (could be a cream palette with an empty space for mixing), water blushers (like benetint), big stick eyeliners or eyeshadow sticks and more eyeliner releases in general. I think dark and colourful/jewel toned smokey eyeliner could be a trend, and bronzer on the nose. Also warm dark blonde/strawberry blonde hair

  2. Love this! Brands are having to diversify to try reach a broader market and stop releasing the same thing over and over again. It allows for more creativity within the brand, and opens their range to a potentially new customer base, that might then be tempted to try some of the parent products. However, completely random things like basketball team collabs, that are just a collab for the sake of a collab, and trying to monetise on a societal trend without any true association are ridiculous.

    Brands need to remember a key word: ‘authenticity’ – if a collaboration or diversification doesn’t feel natural and make sense alongside a brand then the direction they’re taking can appear insincere and like a money-grabbing situation.

    If colourpop’s product & design team are huge NBA fans and really cared, it would have come across in the palettes – for example.

    You can’t fake passion, people can see that.

  3. urban decay is going off the market in Europe , lots of they're product are on sale . It wouldn't surprise me if they close down in the future or make their collection smaller

  4. I need multichromes to become more widely available. I wanted to place an order with glam shop and my shipping is 30 dollars for three palettes and some eyeliners. It’s almost half of what the products cost. Now I know Angie pays a hell of a lot of shipping and taxes all the time so I probably sound like a whiney baby. 😂 I am just not used to that.

  5. A trend that may happen is a focus more on blush than bronzer. Bronzer application has gone overboard and so I am hoping bronzer will move to more subtle or disappear altogether

  6. Happy New Year Angelica 💥🎇🙏♥️ . Welcome to the United States.
    So Charlotte Tilbury has a well know Fragrance. I've never tried it, but while watching a beauty video of hers, she recommended we top of off our Charlotte look with her fragrance. . Laura Mercier had fragrances also. I was broken hearted when Becca was at first bought by Estee Lauder, then put out off business, then their formulas moved to Smashbox. That was really odd to me. Take care and keep up the great work ✨🌄🙏♥️

  7. Speaking of brands doing something they are not know for is Jaclyn Hill and her jewelry line. My question is if brands branch out into other areas can smaller brands that might be your favorite keep up. I’m sure Color Pop can afford to have a skincare and bath care lines and still put out quality products. Indie brands however may not be able to afford to produce a release every other week, and therefore not be able to branch out unless they get bought out by a bigger company. (I hope that made sense.)

  8. I don't mind trends. I follow the ones that suit my tastes only. I cannot go along with a trend that may change a feature of my face permanently. I didn't follow the thin eyebrow trend in its previous iteration (I'm so glad I didn't) and I'm not going to follow it now.

  9. I can’t stand rhinestones, all of it looks cheap, I like more timeless items. Also what in the world is y2k lol 😂

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