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35 Kooky Keith Haring Tattoos

Many legendary artists have thrived in New York City. In fact, some even got their start by creating graffiti in the streets. One of these artists is the legendary Keith Haring. Haring was born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1958 and moved to NYC to study painting at the School of Visual Arts in 1978. During the early 1980s, Haring began created graffiti art in the New York City subways and began cultivating some of his signature symbols—such as barking dogs, hearts and flying saucers. He gained initial recognition in 1982 via a contemporary art exhibit in Germany alongside fellow pop artist Andy Warhol. Over the next several years, Haring began exhibiting his work around the world and created murals in dozens of cities. He began collaborating with legends across many different art genres, from model Grace Jones to fashion designer Vivienne Westwood to musician David Bowie.

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