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Carl Bledsoe, Gaited Horse Clinician, Appearing at the 2023 Horse World Expo March 2nd Through March 5th

2023 Horse World Expo Features Gaited Professional, Carl Bledsoe

2023 Carl Bledsoe Horsemanship Spring Schedule

2023 Carl Bledsoe Horsemanship Spring Schedule

The 2023 Horse World Expo offers the opportunity to learn from the ‘best of the best’ in the horse industry.

True horsemanship is about understanding, empathy and helping the horse feel safe in his surroundings. I want to be the best I can be for my horses. They deserve the best.”

— Carl Bledsoe, Founder Carl Bledsoe Horsemanship

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2023 / — This weekend’s 20th Anniversary Horse World Expo takes place March 2nd through March 5th at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. International, national, local riders and experts are featured this year. Show presenter’s social media page says, “this year we’ll feature crowd favorites and many others making their first-time appearance. You’ll learn from the ‘best of the best’ in the horse industry. There will be 180 hours of clinics, demonstrations, and entertainment filling the weekend event.”

The clinician line up for 2023 includes Carl Bledsoe, a naturally gaited horse professional. Carl and his wife, Tammy, live in Talking Rock, Georgia. They are the co-founders of Carl Bledsoe Horsemanship. Carl Bledsoe knows horses. He was born into, raised up in, and has spent his life working in the horse world. Carl is a 3rd generation horseman and a second generation trainer of Champion and World Champion Tennessee Walking Horses which he has since moved away from. He is now an advocate for the sound Tennessee Walking Horse and other gaited breeds and has declared, “I choose the horse.” His past is a key component in who he is today because it has completely molded and shaped him into the horseman he has become. Carl’s focus is classical horsemanship training for the horse and rider of all breeds and disciplines. He specializes in gaited horse breeds.

Carl shares these insights into his work. “As you all know, horses are my passion, but gaited horses truly have my heart because they are so incredibly misunderstood. It is our mission to educate the gaited world and share our philosophy for the horse’s sake. We set apart the gaited breeds from the other breeds because of their locomotion. The very thing that makes them so popular, which is a smooth ride, has turned into a competition to see which trainer/clinician can do it the fastest and easiest using shortcuts and subjugation. When this happens, the horse pays the ultimate price.

What’s in it for the horse? We encourage every person we encounter to ask this question when working with these majestic creatures. Even in ancient times, superb horsemen realized what made a good horse was not the constant changing and addition of equipment, but understanding the key to success was patient training and consistent handling. My goal for the horse is to have it read my intention and understand.”

Carl appeared as a guest speaker at the Sound Horse Conference in 2014 and the guest speaker representing the Tennessee Walking Horse in 2019 at the Equus Film Festival in Lexington, Kentucky. He has been the gaited clinician at many expos, including the 2018 Equifest in Hamburg, New York, the 2020 Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the 2021 Georgia Horse Fair in Conyers, Georgia and the 2022 Southern Equine Expo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Carl was a guest judge for the 2022 Appalachian Trainer Face-Off. He will appear as the featured gaited clinician at the 2023 Equine Affaire in Ohio.

Readers can follow Carl’s work on his business Facebook page ‘Just Gait. Tammy shares updates about the horses currently in their training program and upcoming clinic information, along with video commentary from Carl regarding various aspects of training and his experiences with horses.

Carl and Tammy are, first and foremost, advocates for the horse. To learn more about Carl Bledsoe Horsemanship, please contact Tammy Bledsoe directly at 770-403-4635 or [email protected] Tammy will be happy to discuss their work and the various products and services they offer.

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