Kylie Jenner Takes Stormi Golfing, Fans Praise Her Manners

Fans are praising Kylie Jenner for Stormi’s impressive manners at such a young age. Kylie showed off their golf day together on Instagram.

After being mom-shamed in the past, Kylie Jenner is now being praised for how well she is raising her daughter Stormi. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took her daughter golfing earlier this week. Kylie posted a series of adorable videos of Stormi to her Instagram Story, to which fans were left praising both Kylie and Stormi for her polite manners. Stormi turned 3 years old earlier this month.

Kylie Jenner’s daughter may still be little but she is full of talent. Kylie is perceived as paying much attention to Stormi’s growth and development as Stormi can not only speak quite properly but is also quite talented. Many of Kylie’s YouTube videos, which feature Stormi, typically leave fans in awe as they watch how well Stormi can communicate and articulate her thoughts at such a young age. Kylie also often posts videos of Stormi doing athletic activities such as skateboarding and snowboarding. Stormi showed off her impressive snowboarding skills when she and her mom rang in 2021 in Aspen.

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KUWTK fans are once again impressed by Kylie’s 3-year-old daughter. Late last week, Kylie and Stormi spent the day on the golf course, where Stormi proved herself to be a big girl. Kylie posted a series of videos to her Instagram Story showing off their fun day together. Throughout all of the videos, Stormi’s manners were quite noticeable, leaving fans praising both her and her famous mom.The first video showed Kylie offering Stormi a snack as she sat in the golf cart. Stormi politely responded, “No thank you.” Many called Stormi a “joy” and added she has “wonderful manners” at such a young age. According to fans, Kylie “raised her child so well.

Not only is Stormi polite; she is also “independent.” The two later made it onto the course, where Stormi took it upon herself to carry her pink golf bag all by herself, declining any help. As Kylie offered to help Stormi carry her bag of golf clubs, Stormi repeatedly assured her mom, “I can do it.” Fans admired how “strong” and “patient” Stormi is. It was quite noticeable that she was struggling, but she refused to give up. They seem to agree that Kylie is an “amazing mom.” One Instagram user pointed out that despite what people say about the family, they do in fact “know how to raise children.” As Kylie and Stormi concluded their golfing day, Kylie shared of photo of Stormi’s tiny feet hanging out of her car seat, writing, “Favorite person.”

While many people tend to have differing opinions on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians family, one thing is for sure: they have some talented kids. As the famous siblings continue to share their kids begin to grow up, fans are able get an inside look at how they take on parenthood. Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian bragged about North’s impressive painting before having to defend her from doubters. It is quite obvious each of the siblings’ (minus Kendall) main priority is their kids.

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Source: StormiSnapChats/Instagram,  Kylie Jenner

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